Conference Agenda
Agro Belgrade 2024

Day 1
January 25, 2024


Opening Ceremony, Hall 1, Belgrade Fair

Hosts: Ivana Ckonjevic and Goran Eror, journalists


Jelena Tanaskovic, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia
HE Mr. Christopher Hill, US Ambassador to Serbia
Savo Minic, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska
Vladimir Jokovic, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Montenegro
Ljupco Nikolovski, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of North Macedonia
Representative of the City of Belgrade


Conference Opening, Hall 1A, Belgrade Fair


Presentation: Serbian fruit and vegetable sector – market and export performance 2023, and market perspective 2024

Speaker: Aleksandar Pavlovic, director of the Big Small Businesses project (USAID)


Presentation: Brief overview of the EU and UK fresh produce market, perspectives for fruit and vegetable producers from the Western Balkans

Speaker: Tom Joyce, news editor, Fruitnet Media International


Presentation: Global trends in the frozen and processed fruit and vegetables sector and impact on the Western Balkans food industry in 2023 and 2024

Speaker: Remer Lane, Consultant and trade expert on the processed fruit and vegetables sector, Big Small Businesses project (USAID)


Panel: Challenges and opportunities in production and export of fruits and vegetables 2023/2024

Moderator: Goran Eror


Ana Bosnjak, Agro Bel
Aleksandar Knezevic, Deinceps
Zoran Krunic, Delta Agrar


Presentation: Opportunities for suppliers of fruits and vegetables from the Western Balkans to European wholesale markets

Speaker: Ioannis Triantafillis, Vice chairman of the World Union of Wholesale Markets ( WUWM)


Presentation: Sustainable apple production for EU markets

Speaker: Julka Toskic, Consultant on fresh apple sector in Serbia, International Trade Centre (ITC)


Presentation: Market outlook for berries in Netherlands/EU and opportunities for producers from the Western Balkans

Speaker: Hans Puijk, Puijk Fruit, Netherlands


Q&A and networking

Day 2
January 26, 2024


Panel: Fruits and vegetables without pesticide residues

Moderator: Marija Ceklic

Session 1 (50 min):

Speakers and subject matters:

prof. dr Nebojsa Momirovic, Zeleni hit – Premium quality and green directives as prerequisites for sustainable fruit and vegetable production
Alfred Forre, Koppert Biological Systems – Innovations in biological control
Dimitris Saris, Haifa Chemicals – Precise mineral nutrition and use of biostimulants for strong growth and plant resistance

Coffee break and degustation of export quality smoothies – Laki Arilje d.o.o. (15 min)

Session 2 (50 min):

Speakers and subject matters:

Nevena Momirovic, Zeleni hit – Experience with standard implementation and future of Zero residues product placement
Ricard Melià Baixauli, Agritecno – Induced systemic resistance and use of bioactive compounds
Alina Piven, Andermatt Biocontrol – Techniques for use of biopesticides in control of most important pests & diseases

Questions & answers (15 min)


Presentation: Fruit and vegetable transport, trends, and challenges


Stevica Carapic, Regional Managing Director (Serbia/Montenegro/North Macedonia) – greeting message
Ljiljana Lukic, Sales&Reefer Specialist, MSC
Goran Popovic, Reefer Technical Support, MEFS, MSC


Panel: Effective knowledge transfer – research and private sector

Moderator: Prof. dr Vlade Zaric, director of AgroNET


Prof. dr Zoran Markovic, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade
Dragana Tar, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Nikola Marasevic, Dolina Morave d.o.o.
Miljan Puric, Agricultural Household Puric

Day 3
January 27, 2024


Closing ceremony and awards ceremony

Speakers: Vladimir Zivanovic, director of Agro Belgrade