Agro Belgrade is an international fair – conference event that brings together the most important companies in the field of fruit growing, vegetables and viticulture, as well as agricultural cooperatives from Serbia, the region and abroad. The fair is intended for buyers, exhibitors, visitors-planters, owners of agricultural farms and the business world in general in the field of fruit growing, vegetables and viticulture.

For companies in the field of fruit growing, vegetables and viticulture, Agro Belgrade represents an opportunity for business networking, but also education about modern production and processing systems, advanced agriculture and market expansion. This is a place where buyers and traders of fresh, frozen and processed fruits, vegetables and grapes can establish contacts with leading producers from the region, but also from other parts of the world.

The main partners of Agro Belgrade Fair are the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the City of Belgrade – Secretariat for Economy and USAID’s Competitive Economy Project, which with their support contribute to drawing the attention of the Serbian public and international customers to the production potential of this industry for integration in the local and international market, as well as positioning Agro Belgrade  itself as the leading fair of fruit, viticulture and vegetables in this part of Europe.


Agro Belgrade fair and conference have been held since 2020. So far, over 500 domestic and foreign buyers of fruits and vegetables, domestic producers, cooperatives, producers and distributors of agricultural equipment and machinery, seed houses, as well as a large number of experts in the field of plant protection and nutrition have presented themselves at the fair. Representatives of foreign and regional fairs in the field of fruit growing, viticulture and vegetables, nurseries and inputs for agricultural production, manufacturers and distributors of drones and other surveillance technologies, producers of greenhouses and hothouses, experts in the field of irrigation, hail protection and sun protection, and an exhibition of the most modern machines for the production, processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables, as well as delivery vehicles, were shown.

In addition to the fair, two conferences were held in 2020 and 2021, which dealt with current topics in fruit growing, vegetables and viticulture. Leading experts in these areas of agriculture discussed the prospects of exports and the position of Serbia on the world market, trends and modern systems in the production and processing of fruits and vegetables, but also the financing of agriculture.

In 2021, Agro Belgrade organized the first Berry Business Forum with the support of partners USAID’s Competitive Economy Project, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Republic of Serbia. This specialized conference focused on the growing fresh berry industry in Serbia, the region and the world, brought together Serbian and regional growers, domestic and international experts, as well as suppliers and distributors involved in the berry production process, thus creating an opportunity for business networking in this area aspect of fruit growing.

Commodity groups

  • Seed Houses
  • Protection and Nutrition of Plants
  • Fertilizers
  • Nurseries
  • Farm Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Fruit and vegetable producers, planter, grower & ndash; ordinary and organic production
  • Companies offering processed fruits and vegetables (food industry)
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Grape Merchants
  • Representatives of wholesale markets, markets, markets
  • Banks & Insurance Companies
  • Carriers and Peddlers of Perishable Goods
  • Quality control, certification and standardization
  • Thematic NGOs and Funds
  • Scientific Institutes, Colleges and Colleges
  • Consultants
  • Branding and advertising of agricultural products
  • Associations, Associations, Clusters, Alliances, Cooperatives, Chambers
  • Trade Representative Embassies, Associations of Foreign Chambers
  • Representatives of foreign and regional trade fairs in fruit, viticulture and vegetable growing
  • Manufacturers and Distributors of Storage, Refrigerators and Other Product Storage and Storage Systems
  • Manufacturers and Distributors of Irrigation, Drainage, Well Diggers, Water Source Editors
  • Anti-theft and sun protection manufacturers and distributors
  • Designers and contractors of multiple water reservoirs
  • Manufacturers and distributors of greenhouse, greenhouse, hall and storage systems
  • Manufacturers and distributors of agricultural processing and packaging machines
  • Manufacturers and Distributors of Workwear & Footwear
  • Manufacturers and Distributors of Garden and Garden Utensils, Related Hand Tools
  • Software manufacturers and distributors in the agro industry
  • Manufacturers and distributors of drones and other location monitoring and surveillance technologies (intruder systems, alarms, video surveillance, enclosures)
  • Manufacturers and distributors of light commercial vehicles (vans, trailers)
  • Local governments – Municipalities
  • Wineries
  • Manufacturers and distributors of tobacco and products replacing traditional tobacco
  • Telecommunications Companies
  • Agrarian media, agricultural shows, agro production companies
  • Fruit and Grapes Manufacturers and Traders

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