Serbia is known throughout the world for its fruit! Globally, Serbia is recognized as one of the largest producers and exporters of raspberries (famous Ariljska), sour cherries (famous Oblachinska), and plums. Serbia is quickly expanding its production of strawberries, apples, and blueberries, with new modern, intensive orchards, and packaging and processing centres springing up across the country.

Serbia grows some of the world’s best fruit and vegetables, but the processed products made from them are also second to none. An ideal climate with plenty of sunshine allows the produce to ripen in good time with a minimal intervention. Quality indeed is the main reason why Serbian fruit and vegetable products are so sought after in global markets.

In 2020, Serbian fruit exports were worth 645 million euros, growing at a rate of 7% annually (CAGR%) over the past ten years. With a nearly 32% share in the world’s total exports of frozen raspberries, blackberries, and other berry fruits, Serbia is, alongside Poland and Chile, one of the top three suppliers of these delicious gems. Serbia exported 364 million euros worth of frozen and fresh berries in 2020, with raspberries accounting for the bulk of this value at approximately 300 million euros.

Leading exports in the fresh industry segments are apples, with 110.5 million euros exported in 2020. Apart from the traditional Russian market, Serbian apples are increasingly finding their way to the Gulf states, the UK, Romania, and other parts of the world. Exports of fresh berries are also growing in prominence, having increased in value to 37.4 million euros in 2020. Fresh blueberries have seen particularly strong growth (to 16.8 million euros in 2020), as have fresh strawberries (15 million euros in 2020). Stone fruits (plums, sour cherries, cherries, peaches, and apricots) are another star performer, with exports valued at 51.4 million euros.

Strong export performance is accompanied by substantial investments in equipment, infrastructure, technology, and standards compliance, ensuring the reliability and quality of supply remain a priority for Serbian producers.