Serbian viticulture and winemaking tradition is centuries old! The country’s geographical position and terrain makes is a natural terroir gem. Following decades of stagnation and neglect, the Serbian wine sector has seen witnessed a rebirth in the past 20 years, with significant number of small wineries emerging and successfully – and deservedly – putting Serbia back on the world map of wine.

Uniquely Serbian!

The rapid growth of viniculture and winemaking in Serbia has revitalized ancient, almost forgotten varietal wines. Prokupac, one of the oldest red grape varieties, is once again producing elegant, top-shelf wines drunk throughout Serbia and the region. Tamjanika is a white grape variety that is a market favourite and Grašac and Smederevka are emerging again as well. Newly-created varieties such as Morava and Probus, and old breeds such as Kadarka (also known as Skadarka), Bagrina, Jagoda, and many others, are still rare but true jewels when found on market shelfs.

These wines have captured the attention of connoisseurs across the globe!